mama to be

Mama & Me

What an exciting new chapter in your life! Exciting, scary, unknown. However you feel right now, a consistent yoga practice throughout your pregnancy will certainly help. Whether you’ve never been to yoga before or if you’ve been practicing for a while, yoga specifically designed for the changing pregnant body offers so many benefits.

We work on strengthening muscles you’ll need as a new mama, strong arms and legs required for all the lifting, carrying and cuddling you’ll be doing.

We stretch and lengthen our changing body, releasing where you may start to hold muscular tension an softening to accommodate a growing bump.


Learn how to control the pelvic floor, for strength during pregnancy and release during birth. Understanding how to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor will also be beneficial to you post-natally.

Practice different breathing techniques, useful at various stages during pregnancy and birth. Breath work helps to keep the mind calm, focused and steady. 

This class will offer you time to rest your body, finding calm in the hectic-ness that faces many modern women during this phase of life. Reducing the levels of cortisol in your body and enhancing the levels of oxytocin.


You can join us once you’ve had your 12 week scan.


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