Stretching your hamstrings, side body and chest, triangle pose, trikonasana, is a sure favourite! Let’s break it down so it’s not a tricky trikonasana!

Trikonasana (trick-on-ass-ana) – Triangle Pose

Another pose which we transition into from our Warrior 2. You may want to heel-toe the back foot in slightly if you have a wide Warrior 2. Straighten the front leg, reach the front hand forwards until you can reach no more and then allow the front hand to come down and rest against the shin while the back hand lifts up to the sky.

Feet and Legs

Foundation of this pose:

The foundation is as Warrior Two (head here for a reminder). In brief, front foot faces forward, the back foot is 3-4 feet back and slightly angled towards the top corner of the mat. The heel of the front foot is aligned with the arch of the back foot.

** Ground down through the outer edge of the back foot.

The difference here is the front leg is straight, not bent as the Warrior is. We keep the energy through the back leg all the way down to the outer edge of the foot.

Pelvis and Torso

The tilt of the body comes from the hips, not the waist.

This means that if you rotated the body, the torso would still be as straight as it is in Tadasana. In order to tilt the body without collapsing at the waist, you guessed it, suck that bellybutton back in, turn on your core muscles and engage in order to support yourself.

**Lean the chest back against an imaginary wall behind you.

There is a tendency for the chest to round down in order for the hand to reach the foot. Don’t worry about how low the hand slides down the leg, just focus on the chest being nice and open. Although, not so open t’s leaning backwards, mind!

Arms and Shoulders

** Rest the back of the hand against the shin or slide it down to the inner heel or big toe.

The reason for just resting the back of the hand against the leg rather than using the leg to support the hand against, is so that you keep using your core and you don’t dump into the pose. This is such an easy pose to just hang out in in all of the joints and be super lazy, but that’s not going to achieve anything is it 😉

The top hand reaches up, energy reaching through to the tips of the fingers. Using the top hand as an opposing force, lifting up as the bottom hand sinks down.

Head and Neck

As with the torso, the neck follows that long line from the spine.

The head can turn in whichever direction feels best for your neck, traditionally the gaze is to the top hand, but if that feels icky in the neck, you can look towards the front foot, or straight in front of you. The only thing to avoid would be the neck bending.


And hey presto, that’s another pose, triangle pose, trikonasana, in our repertoire! We are doing well xo