Moving out of the Surya Namaskar sequences and into where we start to find a little more freedom in our flow sequences. So, our amazing Warrior Two, sets as a base for a lot of postures to flow in and out of. Meaning, you guessed it, having this foundation down is super important. So without further ado, I present to you:


Virabhadrasana II (veer-ah-bah-dras-ana two) – Warrior 2 

Like the Warrior I, this pose is again asymmetric (the feet are not doing the same thing). Unlike the Warrior I, which was neutral as our hips and shoulders were facing towards the front of the mat, the Warrior 2 is external as our hips and shoulders face the long edge of the mat.

Feet and Legs

Foundation of this pose:

This standing posture has the feet 3-4 feet apart.

**Turn the back foot down at a 45 degree angle, heel to arch alignment.

The front foot faces forward, like a good tadasana foot. The arch of the back foot aligns with heel of the front foot. The toes of the back foot angle slightly towards the front corner of the mat (left back foot, left front corner), the toes of the back foot can turn out towards 90degrees if this feels better for you but DO NOT let those toes angle towards the back edge of the mat. That is BAD. You hear me naughty yogi?!

**Front thigh comes parallel to the ground.

**Ground the outer edge of the back foot down.

The knee of the front leg bends. The knee tracks over the toes, it doesn’t roll in or out. Use those big ol’ muscles in your leg to help stabilise, ya hear me? The back leg is strong and straight. The outside edge of the back foot has a tendency to roll up, so make sure you’re pressing that outer edge down helping you find a line of energy all the way up the side of the back leg.

Pelvis and Torso

So this is where Warrior 2 differs from Warrior 1. Our hips are facing the long edge of our mat. Your torso lengthens up from your pelvis, there’s no lean in a Warrior 2, which often tends to happen as the arms reach out (we’ll discuss further in the next section). So, you know the drill, nice, long, straight spine. Nailed it.

Arm and Shoulders

The shoulders are directly over the pelvis, not forward or back which would lead to that torso lean. The shoulders are also facing the long edge of the mat. The arms extend straight out from the shoulders parallel with the ground. They are the same height, don’t let that back arm get lazy, I know you don’t really want a droopy back arm, you warrior.

**Feel the energy from your back fingers all the way to your front fingers.

Head and Neck

Nice long neck. Shoulders are down away from the ears not shrugging up, eating up our neck space. The head faces the front. The gaze is over the front fingers. This focused gaze is called your ‘drishti’. Look at me getting all sansktri-y and yoga-y on yo ass. It helps you develop a concentrated intention (I stole that off Google, cheers Google). But seriously, it helps you feel like a total badass with a mission rather than allowing your mind and eyes to be wandering all over the shop.


And that’s it. Nailing your Vira II. Like I said at the top, getting this pose is great because we transition in and out of it so many times. I’m looking forward to putting together a nice flow sequence for you where we can explore it further. Now go forth and Warrior your way through the rest of your wonderful day.